Lay back on the merits of hard work

Free your mind of stress, Enjoy your precious holidays

Our job is to take over your worries, so you can fully enjoy your valuable holiday and regain the energy you have invested at work. With our extensive network of connections, we can offer you the best accommodations and services all around the world. You tell us about your expectations, and we do our best to exceed them.

Our consultants take over holiday planning and make sure that every part of your journey is well-designed, communication and organization faultless and that every possible cause of distress has been dealt with the moment you reach your destination.

01. What we

We offer a unique service for your holiday. Our wish is to ensure every part of your travel unfolds smoothly. Therefore, we pay a great deal of attention when planning your holiday and stay at your disposal even when your journey has already started.

02. Tourist

We provide our clients with a certified tourist guide that will accompany them the whole journey, offering historical details and interesting stories about the visited sights.

03. Exquisite Events

Taste the magnificent flavours of the wines at famous wineries in the area. Experience the fine local cuisine and discover a new culture.

04 Best

Have fun and make yourself cozy in the best and most comfortable rooms, in the high-class accommodations we have selected for you.

Start Your Journey!

No matter your wishes and expectations, our team at Chic Holiday will put the utmost effort in fulfilling any requirements for your perfect trip. These are only a few of the things we consider when planning your holiday:

Trip Suggestions

We can take you all around the world, while always finding the perfect destination for you.

The possibly most exciting thing about other countries is their culture. It is unique in every part of the world and encompasses almost every part of life. Our consultants take their time to figure out the most important and thrilling aspects of local culture at your destination. This allows us to put together a trip that offers more in-depth insights than typical touristic circuits.
Deep relaxation with massages, thermal baths and eternal moments of comfort in laconicums. Meanwhile, there are a multitude of different recreational therapies that do not only feel relaxing, but also help the body regenerate and heal. We know how to distinguish between homeopathic and scientifically proven benefits, so you gain access to the treatment that brings you the most comfort.

Human ingenuity knows no boundaries. In different geographic areas the infrastructure has been built to support a large pool of exciting activities. Chic Holiday checks all possibilities at your destination and searches for the opportunities that fit best to your skills and take place in the best environment.

Travel with us to every corner of the world and live your dreams as you relish our luxurious environment and attentive services.