Lay back on the merits of hard work

Individual Attention

We seek the best hotels, destinations and services to construct the holiday package you have always wished for. Tell us what you consider to be most important throughout your trips. We will put together a luxury holiday package that is adjusted to your expectations and wishes. Concurrently, we will inform you about our progress, therefore allowing ourselves to react flexibly and timely to your suggestions. One important aspect of our work, that we believe classifies us as a luxury brand, is the time savings you make on finding and organizing the right activities. You shall be given the luxury of time, being able to develop your idea of a perfect trip, while also finishing the remaining duties of your professional life without additional sources of stress.
Our consultants will ensure that every aspect of your holiday package will be considered and organized ahead of time. Flexibility and precaution, implication and awareness are the means through which we aim to deliver our understanding of luxury. After all, luxury should not be defined by the amount of money spent, as much as it is derived from the quality of service offered.

01. Exciting Destinations

Spend your holidays on the beach, in the mountains, doing sports, uncovering history or taking part in cultural events. We know a multitude of wonderful destinations and will select only the ones that fit your personality – unless you already have a destination in mind, of course.

02. Certified Tourist Guide

Our clients are given a certified tourist guide at their individual disposal. Thus, you can enjoy the luxury of taking the tours at your own speed. Being given such personal attention, you can no longer miss out on interesting facts to surprise your friends with. In fact, you will be able to learn much more about the places you visit as you converse freely with your guide.

03. Sophisticated Events

Taste the magnificent flavours of the wines at famous wineries in the area, experience the fine local cuisine in the best restaurants and take a peek into the artistic legacy of the country by visiting the theatre. Culture consists in various different aspects. With our programmes, we do not simply seek to entertain our clients – we hope to broaden your horizon.

04. Luxurious Accommodation

Make yourself cosy in the best, most comfortable 5-star hotels. Spend your holiday in a holiday residence or take a time out while glamping comfortably. We search for the accommodation that best fits your wishes and necessities.

Request your luxury holiday package!

Chic Holiday will put together the first outline for your own luxury holiday package as fast as possible. Depending on individual preferences, our projects can include the following services for your convenience:

Trip Suggestions

The possibly most exciting thing about other countries is their culture. It is unique in every part of the world and encompasses almost every part of life. Our consultants take their time to figure out the most important and thrilling aspects of local culture at your destination. This allows us to put together a trip that offers more in-depth insights than typical touristic circuits.
Deep relaxation with massages, thermal baths and eternal moments of comfort in laconicums. Meanwhile, there are a multitude of different recreational therapies that do not only feel relaxing, but also help the body regenerate and heal. We know how to distinguish between homeopathic and scientifically proven benefits, so you gain access to the treatment that brings you the most comfort.

Human ingenuity knows no boundaries. In different geographic areas the infrastructure has been built to support a large pool of exciting activities. Chic Holiday checks all possibilities at your destination and searches for the opportunities that fit best to your skills and take place in the best environment.

Travel with us to every corner of the world and live your dreams as you relish our luxurious environment and attentive services.