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We present some ideas of our offers for the main destinations and tours. Every package is carefully picked and refined to your tastes.
Discover our Tours

Here you can have a look at some examples of our offers for the main destinations and tours. Every package is carefully picked and refined to your tastes


Iasi – The cultural capital of Moldova

Together we will enjoy a 4-day citybreak in Iasi. The city served as the capital of Moldova for over 3000 years and even now it is still well-known as the cultural capital of this region.

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 A tour through the city centre will lead us past numerous architectural masterpieces of historical and cultural importance that define Iasi. One of the most important sites is the National Theatre, which is the oldest and one of the most prestigious theatres in Romania. On the plateau above the river Bahlui rise majestically the Metropolitan Ensemble, also called “Jerusalem of Moldova”, and the Palace of Culture, which has become the greatest landmark of Iasi.

Not only will we visit the wonderful city of Iasi, but also its magical surroundings, including among other sights the Palace of Ruginoasa or the Castle of Miclauseni, two buildings in the heart of Moldova with a history of more than 100 years.

Speaking of the heart of Moldova, we naturally also want to mention the famous Cotnari vineyard. We feel it is compulsory for everyone who is visiting Moldova to take a day and indulge the noble wines with international recognition – a perfect highlight to this historical and cultural journey.


Sibiu – European Capital of Culture 2007

Travel in time with this unique trip to Sibiu, one of the most precious medieval cities in Romania.

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 We will take a tour around the city and its surroundings, where we will get the chance to experience traditional lifestyle of the medieval Transylvanian people in the open air Ethnographic Museum ASTRA.

Our next stop will be Sighisoara, the city which has been honoured as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its narrow roads are filled with stories from its medieval roots whose essence runs through the alleyways. Our last objective on this wonderful weekend trip will be the Fortified Churches of Medias and Biertan, which both are yet another reminder of how the Saxons have coexisted with the native people to enrich the local culture.


Round Trips

The wild paradise of Europe - Danube Delta

Embark on a beautiful journey of dreams through the wild paradise of Europe – the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

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 In the boat trips on the grooves of the largest reef in the world, we can admire the beauty of this paradise, which houses a multitude of species of birds and aquatic plants, subtropical forests and wild horses, sand dunes and villages, whose inhabitants will receive travellers with an open heart.

Here it seems that time has truly stopped! Good wine and caviar tastings, folklore dances and sunsets as depicted in stories, will fill the evenings here in the Danube Delta. Our journey to the beautiful lands of Dobrogea continues with a stop in Constanta, the port city on the Black Sea, whose interesting history we will discover during a walk to the cliffs which are being incessantly struck by waves.

The stay will end with a foray into the history of the Romanian capital. We walk the streets of the Old Center of Bucharest, whose elegant restaurants and bars once gave it the name “Little Paris”. Its commercial importance dates back to ancient times, when merchants from all over the world came to Bucharest to sell their goods.

The kings of Romania brought modernization to the city, be it through the nobility of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen family or through the later constructions of the communist period. Bucharest is an impressive collection of architectural treasures, which will be brought to you as the culmination of a memorable vacation.


The beautiful landscape of south-western Romania

We start our 6-day circuit through south-western Romania visiting the city of Timisoara, also called “Little Vienna”, due to its multitude of museums, theatres and musical events it hosts every year.

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 On our way to the Danube Boilers, we stop to capture some images of one of the most beautiful and yet rather unknown waterfalls in the world – Bigar waterfall. The Danube boilers, the place where the Danube meets the Carpathian Mountains, offer an enchanting landscape.

We take a boat ride, to admire the beauty of nature in these local sceneries as we trespass up the river. On this stop we will also have the chance to take a glance at the overwhelming landscapes of the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park. It is an area of ​​Romania full of tourist objectives related to culture. We set out to discover the Monumental Ensemble of our great sculptor Constantin Brancusi from Tg. Jiu and Corvin Castle.

On a short deviation from our journey back home, we make a short foray into the region of Transylvania, to visit the White Carolina Fortress, a fortress built to defend the Habsburg Empire from Ottoman invasions. We continue our return to Timisoara, where our journey ends but our thoughts remain caught up in the beautiful and interesting places we visited.


Cities full of history in a beautiful landscape – Transylvania

We shall embark on a 3-day weekend trip. Starting in Sibiu, the European Capital 2007, we stroll through the old city centre to learn more about its history and the connection it holds to Saxons who have lived here along the years.

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 The journey continues to Sighisoara, the city whose city centre has been honoured as UNESCO World Heritag in 1999. Up in the clocktower a wonderful panoramic view will unfold in front us as we continue to learn more about Saxonic customs and culture.

Since Brasov is not very far, it is worthwhile visiting the city of the Knights of the German Order. On the way we will make a stop at Dracula’s Castle, known internationally thanks to Bram Stoker’s literature and visited by tourists from all over the world. Once in Brasov, we make a tour around the city centre, visiting the bastions of various guilds that have been cherished as a heritage of the Saxons’ craftsmanship. Our last objective will be the Black Church – the landmark of the city which received its name after a devastating fire, yet never succumbed to challenges it faced.


Star trips

Brasov - In the footsteps of the Knights of the German Order

We shall discover the city of Brasov, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Romania as we follow in the footsteps of the Knights of the German Order to find out lots of interesting things about the life and culture of the Saxons.

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 From their arrival in these lands to the present day they have marked the region and left behind plenty of valuable cultural artifacts. The Black Church, which has become the symbol of Brasov together with the bastions of the various guilds of craftsmen and the Catherine Gate will give us insights into the past. Passing through the narrow streets of the Old Center, which proves to be a true historical testimony, we visit tourist attractions such as the First Romanian School and the Church of St. Nicholas – a reminder of the important contribution of the Romanians to the cultural development of the city at the foot of the hill Tampa.

We continue our journey following the footsteps of the frightening ruler Vlad Tepes also known as Dracula and visit his Castle, which overlooks the plains with its terrible history of ruthless executions. The next highly appreciated objective by tourists from all over the world will be Peles Castle – the former summer residence of the Romanian royal family. The imposing castle of incomparable architectural mastery is located in an enchanting natural landscape. Our interesting adventure through the Romanian lands ends with a visit of the capital of Romania.

In Bucharest we will visit the Palace of Parliament, the most impressive testimony of the Communist Era of Romania and a testimony to Ceasescu’s megalomania, after which we take a peek in the old history of this interesting city. We walk on the streets of the Old Center and listen to its history as we admire the architectural beauty of “Little Paris”, as the city was once called.


Sibiu – The Saxons from Transylvania and their history

We start our journey in one of the most historically meaningful areas of Transilvania. Sibiu, which has been honoured as the cultural capital of Europe in 2007, will open its gates for us to peek into the old customs of Saxonic culture that has prevailed in this part of Romania for hundreds of years.

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 The old city centre, from the Tower of the Council to the Evangelic Church, is witness to this historic period of cultural exchange. The ethnographic museum ASTRA will give us insights into the habits and life of Transylvanian people throughout the ages.

From here on we continue the journey to Sighisoara, one of the best maintained medieval cities of Europe, to which the historic centre has been declared part of the UNESCO patrimony. Passing through we will encounter other numerous invaluable proofs of Saxonic culture in this region, such as the Fortified Church of Biertan and Medias.

The Alba Carolina Fortress was once built to defend the empire of the Habsburgs against the Ottomans. Apart from the historical sites, this region also impresses with its natural treasures around the Carpathian Mountains. The Balea Waterfall at the bottom of the mountain peaks enchants the tourists’ eyes with a fairytale-like panoramic view down to Balea Lake, in which the water flows and these are only a few of the unforgettable sights we will have the chance to enjoy.



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If your desire is to experience something new, in a remarkable way, we can offer you the chance to personalise your own touristic package. You can choose the destination, the schedule, the sights you want to visit, and we will do anything that we can in order to guarantee you a distinguished and memorable experience in your holiday. Contact us and watch how your imagination comes to life!